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Special Offer for Schools


Record Your Next Concert

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Benefits to Your School

Many schools have well developed music programmes, and arrange performances to give their students the opportunity to perform their work. The standards of performance are generally very high, and are enjoyed by family and friends of the participants.

Few schools have the capability of recording these productions to a standard that does justice to the performances.

Generally, relatives and friends who live interstate or overseas are unable to enjoy the performances. Sometimes, family members are unable to attend through work, sickness or other commitments. And the students themselves never get to hear their performances from an audience perspective.

Many families would welcome the opportunity to own a permanent recording of their children's musical performance.

It is common place to produce videos of dramatic and dance productions. Now you can easily offer a professionally recorded CD of your school's next choral, orchestral or ensemble, instrumental or vocal production.

JeeveS are currently offering a special deal to all schools in the Melbourne metropolitan area, and will be happy to discuss the options available to schools in country and regional areas. Just contact us for details of our special offer or to discuss your particular requirements.


Create a permanent record of your school's performance.


Let the students star in their own CD.

Raise funds for the music faculty.


Enhance your school's web site.

Ask for a FREE compressed audio file to add to your school's web site.

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Whatever your audio needs, let JeeveS help you find a cost-effective solution.
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